Rachael  on cover of Cosmogirl. Are you a true FAN? Click here to find out. Cosmogirl Cover   What does Rachael want in a guy. "Three things: smart, cute, and funny..."{Rest} What Rachael wants

Rachael to star in Josie and The Pussycats. Premise: Josie (Cook) leads a band called the Pussycats (Dawson, Reid), well, actually the band's called Josie and the Pussycats. Anyway, they dress up like cats, and while on tour, they solve crimes, mysteries, and the like. In this movie version of the series, the Pussycats find themselves being used by Alexandra (Posey), a tyrannical record company mogul, to brainwash America's youth in a plot to take over the world.*

All I Wanna Do out on tape.  Stars Rachael, and Kirsten Dunst Click here for review

All I Wanna Do
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Poll Results

Favorite Actress------Rachael Leigh Cook(88%)
Runner Up------Sarah Michelle Gellar(6%)

Favorite Movie------She's All That(90%)
Runner Up------Carpool(10%)

Rumor: Rachael to appear on Hollywood Squares during teen people week (September 4-8) Also appearing N'Sync, Tyrese, Sugar Ray, Jessica Simpson, Vitamin C, and 98 Degrees.

Upcoming Movies

Get Carter staring Rachael, Sylvester stallone, and Micheal Caine. Release date--Oct 6 2000

Get Carter
Texas Rangers staring Rachael, Ashton Kutcher, and James VanDerBeek. Release date--Spring 2001

Texas Rangers
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